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Flying Eagle Wind Spinners: Mount on your dock or lift to keep the Seagulls and Geese away. They really work!!

Boat Lift Boss: Our Boat Lift Boss completely eliminates the need for you to crank your boat lift wheel. That's right, we said it COMPLETELY eliminates the need for your boat lift wheel, so go ahead, throw it away! The Boat Lift Boss is key operated for security, or if you want something a little more convenient, we've got a remote control model available too. You can be using your installed Boat Lift Boss in as little as 15 minutes. Got a big boat? Great! The Boat Lift Boss has a lifting capacity of up to 6,200 lbs.



Smart Jack: The Smart Jack retractable boat lift wheel system makes installing and removing your freestanding boat lift easy and quick. Wheel system designed to mount to most freestanding boat lift models. This product is designed to install on a wide range of freestanding boat lifts. Frame brackets are adjustable for various width and height dimensions. Fits most aluminum freestanding lifts models ranging from 1,200 lb – 6,000 lb capacities



Lift Mate: Life Just Got A Little Easier — Thanks to the Lift Mate, you can convert your manual boat lift into an electric power boat lift. These power lifts fit most boat and pontoon manual lifts, such as the Shore Station, Shore Master, Hewitt, Port-A-Lift, Triton, Harbor Master, Hurdle, and R&G. Each Lift Mate can lift up to 4,500 lbs. and features an all aluminum bracket and drive wheel. Comes with a full one-year warranty and includes fittings, wiring harness, circuit breaker, switch, elastic strap and easy-to-follow instructions. Available in AC or DC.